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I need some ME time!

I need some ME time!

As a mother or even a parent in general, “me time” is of the upmost importance to being a strong provider to your children. Having time to yourself gives you a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation, that you need to be the best mom or parent that you can be. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not need to be just as dedicated to yourself, as you are to your children. At the end of the day a child needs a loving, caring, happy, sane set of individuals to parent them. You cannot do that if you are not happy physically, mentally, and emotionally.
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What makes you happy?

What is that thing that you love to do? Is it sitting on the couch under a blanket reading a book? Is it cooking your favorite breakfast or dinner? Maybe it’s some good oldl fashion retail therapy! Whatever it is, find that thing that makes you happy, and schedule you some “me time”once a week at a minimum to do it. For me I absolutely LOVE to take hot baths in the dark with a good soundtrack
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Can you have me time with other people?

In a sense yes. If your “me time” is something that you would like to do with others, such as a spa day then by all means go for it. Good “me time” group activities can include anything from a spa day, to lunch, or movies with friends. Sometimes “me time” is just a time for you that you set aside from your responsibilities for a few hours or the entire day, if you have that luxury. If it calls for a night out with your friends, or going to get a massage, set that time aside at least once a week for you to enjoy being a parent with an active life.

Dads need me time too!

For most of us mothers we think we have it the hardest. In most cases that may be true, but you also have to understand that fathers need “me time” as well. Sometimes it’s as simple as them wanting to watch the football game in peace. For others, it may be they want work on their car. Or they can simply want a day to play video games. Whatever their “me time” is, give them the same respect that you want to receive. You know your spouses just as well as you know yourself. Your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend may not directly tell you “love I need some me time”. They may shoo you and the kids away while watching a game. Or be “in the zone” while gaming. Help them find and identify that thing that they love to do. Have an adult conversation about how you can help to give them uninterrupted time to themselves to regroup.
One of the biggest benefactors that we personally have in our relationship, is taking turns being the parental lead. For us it’s certain days where one of the two of us will be the “main parent”. This means if I have a lot to do today ,my husband will take the lead on the parental responsibilities and vice versa. Finding your family and household balance will be the key to a calm functioning household. Identify what your “me time” is, and when each of you need to take it. Having that open line of communication with your partner, will make your parental life less stressful. A simple schedule can be the biggest form of communication in a household. Utilize what works for your family and build from there!
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